Denon AVR-4520CI - Everything you want to know

9.2 Channel 4K Video & 3D Video Pass Through Networking Home Theater Receiver with Apple AirPlay® and Multi-Zone Video

For the ultimate home theater experience, the Denon AVR-4520CI networked 9.2 channel A/V receiver puts you in command with its extensive array of network connectivity options, along with the latest 32-bit high power DSP processing (three 400 MIPS DSP processors). Equipped with seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs, the AVR-4520CI features the latest high definition video processing with upconversion to 4K (3840 x 2160) along with 4K and 3D pass through and graphical user interface overlay, including dual HDMI simultaneous outputs and a third HDMI output for multi zone viewing of another source. A full suite of the latest high resolution surround sound decoders includes Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, along with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustic correction and Audyssey Sub EQ HT dual subwoofer acoustic correction.
Denon AVR-4520CI multi-zone reciever

State-of-the-art Denon Solutions for Maximizing Content Quality

11 channel DSX• 11.2 channel enhanced surround processing with Audyssey DSX and    DTS Neo:X
• Fully discrete, identical quality and power for all 9 channels
• 150 W per channel power amplifier with symmetrical monolithic    construction
• Denon custom-made high current power transistors (D.H.C.T) for high    current capability
• Denon custom-made massive capacitors and Selected Schottky Barrier    Diodes provide high burst power
• DDSC-HD32 (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit) 32-bit DSP signal    processing for all channels
• AL32 Processing Multi Channel and high grade 32-bit/192 kHz DACs for    highest resolution audio playback
• Denon Link HD for the best sounding jitter-free connection to our new    DBT-3313UDCI Blu-ray disc player

Receiver upscales all video signals to 4K,
enabling you to use it with 4K monitors and projectors.

• Hybrid PLL Jitter reducer for the most accurate digital audio playback
• Supports 4K video signals
   (improved i/p scaling, pass through and GUI overlay)
• Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and Audyssey Sub EQ HT Dual subwoofer EQ processing    for optimum room acoustic calibration
• Supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, and
   Dolby Pro Logic IIz/Pro Logic IIx/Surround EX processing
• Audyssey LFC solves the problem of low frequency sounds disturbing people in    adjacent rooms
• Supports 192 kHz high resolution network audio
   (WAV 192 kHz/24-bit, FLAC 192 kHz/24-bit)
• New smoothest diagonal edge video interpolation
• Gapless audio playback

• Digitally transmitted play function for iPod® and iPhone® (via USB) for best sound quality
• Denon’s proprietary Compressed Audio Restorer function restores sound quality from compressed music sources

Connectivity & Future-ready Expandability

• A full range of network capabilities and connectivity options for the ultimate entertainment experience including:
     - Apple AirPlay, streaming music

AirPlay technology allows you to listen to music
from the iTunes library on your Apple device.
     - DLNA 1.5 certified
     - Compatible with Windows 7
     - vTuner Internet radio
     - SiriusXM and Pandora Internet Radio
     - FLAC HD High resolution audio file playback (192 kHz/24-bit)
     - Photo streaming
     - flickr photo streaming

• HD Radio tuner built-in (antenna supplied)
• Convenient HDMI port on the front panel for connecting a camcorder or other    device -7 HDMI inputs including one on the front panel / 2 outputs    (simultaneous) + 1 output for Multi Zone
• Front HDMI port supports MHLTM (Mobile High Definition Link) for viewing
   smartphone content on your HDTV
• Includes an Ethernet hub (4 ports) for easy connection to network devices
   on your home network
• Advanced Pre-Amp Mode allows the connection of external power amplifiers
• Free Amp Assign function provides numerous speaker drive configurations
• 4 source, 4 zone output with Zone 4 HDMI output

Intuitive graphical user interface with "Setup Assistant."
(Click each to enlarge)


• Setup Assistant provides easy-to-follow setup instructions with the on-screen
   Graphical User Interface
• Supports our new “Denon Remote App” to simplify operation by Android & iOS tablets
   or smartphones
• New LCD learning and pre-coded remote control with new key layout for ease of use
• Front display with large, easy-to-read characters
• Sleep Timer
• Standby HDMI pass through
• Auto Standby
• IP Control Capability with C4 certification


• InstaPrevue Technology,
   live picture-in-picture preview of HDMI    input connected to an AV receiver
   (up to all 6 HDMI sources)
• Very low power consumption in standby    mode: 0.1 W
• Trigger output (150 mA) x 2
• Audyssey Installer Ready
• 3 year warranty

Included in the package

• AVR-4520CI IN-Command A/V Receiver
• Remote control with batteries
• HD Radio antenna
• Power cable
• Audyssey setup microphone
• Owner's manual on CD


• $ 2499
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